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Mohawk Community Plaza

Sustainable Site Development

Constructed on the site of a former parking lot, the Mohawk Community Plaza exemplifies sustainable development practices in a number of ways.  Replacing asphalt with green space and pedestrian walkways has created a highly walkable and environmentally beneficial space that helps reduce the heat island effect, supports wildlife, and improves stormwater drainage.  The natural finishes integrated into the design like wood, stone, and grass further support the Plaza’s return to nature.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting in the Mohawk Community Plaza is a combination of solar-powered light posts and efficient LED fixtures that help minimize the amount of grid electricity consumed.

Each list post is equipped with a PV solar panel that supplies all of the energy needed to power the lights.  The LED light fixtures installed on the timber pergola structure are on average 90% more efficient than a traditional incandescent lightbulb.

MohawkCommunityPlaza_night time

Water Conservation through Recycling

The Mohawk Community Plaza is finished with a permeable paving surface that allows rainwater to be absorbed into the ground.  This water is then collected and stored in an underground cistern.  From here, an electric pump is used to recycle the rainwater to feed the signature water feature at the centre of the plaza.

MohawkCommunityPlaza_water feature

Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

This outdoor furniture never needs to be stored indoors, adding another level of comfort and convenience to your lifetime ownership.

CRP outdoor products use an advanced molded extrusion process to produce a superior material like no other.  The plastic “lumber” is used in every piece of furniture. The material has the same warmth and grain finish as wood with vastly superior qualities. Unlike wood, the extruded lumber will not rot, split or crack. The 7/8” material gives the furniture its solid, lifetime structure. Tested in 10 years of Arizona UV spectrum, the rich colours last for generations. With beautiful, solid colour finish there is no need to ever paint or stain the furniture. All of the recycled plastic products are also completely water resistant and maintains its form in all weather conditions.